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The fundamental difference between beeconnected and other I.T. Consultants is our relationship with clients.

Ordinarily, your I.T. professional may only directly provide a small portion of your business overall I.T. needs; this is not the case with beeconnected. We see ourselves as your own personal I.T. department – not only responsible for all aspects of your businesses I.T. infrastructure but accountable.

Clients of beeconnected enjoy a level of service and professionalism not often found in business today, let alone the I.T. industry. We take enormous pride in our reputation of ensuring our clients are satisfied and that we can deliver on what we promise.

An unstable, unreliable I.T. platform

and those who support it can cripple your business.
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An unstable, unreliable I.T. platform

and those who support it can cripple your business.

Not all businesses are the same, even those in the same industry. That's why we try and understand what's unique about how you operate so we can craft a tailored solution that fits your business and budget. By the same token, not all servers, networks, software services or cloud solutions are created equally. Our approach is in a word; measured.

Some consultants will approach things like a bull at a gate, wanting to rip everything out and start again from the ground up whilst telling you literally everything is wrong! Even if your business could financially afford this, that does not make it right for a vast array of reasons. Typically speaking, we'll opt for the low hanging fruit or mission critical approach; only addressing the most important areas of your business whilst not biting off more than we can chew.

It's this methodical, controlled and considered approach that has won our clients over. We place ourselves at the centre of your business, managing every aspect of your I.T. needs to ensure you can get on with doing what you do best.

About beeconnected I.T. Solutions

My name is Scott Holland and since starting this business in November 2006, I've provided over 250 clients throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales with I.T. consultancy, support and procurement services. I've arguably developed a reputation for being a consummate professional as I take a great deal of pride not only in what I do, but how I go about it.

beeconnected supports a vast array of industry types from Engineering, Manufacturing, Medical & Allied Health, Retail, Wholesale, Professional Service Firms, Food Service and Hospitality just to name a few. This diverse client base, some of which are one man bands whilst others have 50 or more staff, is a tremendous advantage because it's meant I've been exposed to some truly amazing people, projects, hardware, software and situations.

I'm often called when a potential client's back is to the wall, sometimes through no fault of their own. Typically, their servers and network have been poorly designed, configured or supported, and its only when things crash and burn they realise how vitally important it is to seek the counsel of a professional I.T. consultant. I've never refused a challenge, in fact I secretly enjoy the more difficult cases, but I would strongly encourage any business owner to act before things go pear shaped, not after. Prevention is better than cure as they say.

I've literally helped clients recover from potentially devastating fires, floods, mismanagement, poor configuration and unscrupulous staff. Some clients who joined me in my first year of business are still with me today. Others have been sold to larger competitors and I've equally seen a few go under as well. Over some twenty years I've had the pleasure of working with some amazing business owners, their staff and playing witness to a few potentially award winning future documentaries. All of these personal and professional challenges have crafted me and my business into what it is today.

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